Invisibility is security - join the revolution

Securing your organisation's distributed network is incredibly expensive to scale with growth. While at the same time, attacks or breaches from cyber-criminals or hackers present massive risks to your company's security and reputation.

Airwall eliminates network-based attacks, secures remote access at scale and extends the life of existing infrastructure investments. It effectively reduces cyber risk and makes securing corporate networks less complex.

Air​wall makes your connected 'things' invisible.


A better way to keep it all safe

With Airwall you can now secure previously unsecured IoT, IIoT and Operational Technologies - HVAC, BMS, access controls, fire systems & multi-media platforms - protecting them from potential cyber attacks. In fact, any technology in any building that requires internet connectivity and remote access.

Now you can secure everything from a small local office, data centre or an entire global infrastructure - enabling access and total invisibility across any network.

Quick to deploy, highly scalable & cost effective - Airwall is the modern airgap solution making network based attacks a thing of the past.

Every Asset   -   Every Person   -   Every Transaction


With Airwall you can secure any IoT, IIot or Operational Technologies (OT) networks - across any workload or endpoint - physically, virtually and via cloud. 

Creating an entirely secure, private, easy to manage mobile internet becomes completely flexible with each Airwall Edge Service having its own unique 2048-bit Cryptographic ID (CID). Define as many overlays as you need - each one made up of virtual trust segments.

The result - a solution with military grade encryption & the capability to span virtually any device, network or environment.

Isolate & Secure Building Automation Systems

  • Connect, segment & secure building environments with point-and-click simplicity. Grant & revoke secure access for employees, contractors and vendors to specific network segments as needed.
  • Connect & protect systems from pivot attacks.
  • Reduce attack vectors from third party vendors.
  • Automate network access and simplify policy management.

Before, if somebody compromised a building, they could get access to the data centre and all the exposed applications. Now the lighting controller can only talk to the lighting server. The elevator controller can only talk to the elevator server.

Tom Walker (System Designer Specialist,

Penn State University)

Protect Critical Infrastructure

  • Manage remotely while eliminating network-based attacks on water treatment plants, electrical grids, smart city applications, industrial control & traffic control systems.
  • Protect critical systems with an invisible software-defined perimeter (SDP).
  • Peer-to-peer network access, both on-premises or remotely.
  • Secure, connect & revoke remote site networks quickly & cost-effectively.

We chose the Airwall solution because it has security built into it. We were able to achieve connectivity to our remote sites and critical infrastructure - & were able to secure it all with one solution. That was a win-win.

Eli Daniel (Network Administrator,

City of Meridian, ID)

Secure Access for Remote Work

  • Enable secure, encrypted access & revocation from anywhere in the world to your entire workforce - wherever they are in the world - with point-and-click simplicity.
  • Protect sensitive assets with unlimited micro-segmentation.
  • Strengthen security and improves compliance.
  • Lower cyber risk with zero-trust network access (ZTNA).

Airwall has delivered secure remote access for our company - anywhere in the world. They provided us a cost-effective solution that was less complex to build, manage and secure.

David Tyburski (VP of Information Security & CISO,

Global Five Star Casino Resort)

Airwall - join the revolution

Networked   -   Cloaked   -   Secure

With Airwall

  • Networks and every endpoint are invisible at scale
  • Identity defined perimeter at device level
  • Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) for endpoints across any network 
  • Augments existing infrastructure, no rip-and-replace or forklift upgrades
  • End of lateral movements of threats
  • Eliminates network-based attacks

Without Airwall

  • Vulnerable network infrastructure
  • Complex and hard to manage security policies
  • Lack of secure access & mobility for endpoints across networks
  • Not able to extend life of existing network investments
  • Risk of lateral movement of threats
  • Attacks are when - not if...

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